Additional Services

Let Practical Funding Solutions help you get your business where it needs to be! We provide the following additional services:

Practical Funding Solutions has developed a business relationship with over 30 different lending institutions.  This is to ensure you get the best available deal and terms for the type of business loan or line of credit your business needs.


  • Accounting Consulting: Review of existing accounting structures, and recommendations on best ways to advance legally and in compliance with federal tax codes.
  • Asset Protection: General legal questions can be answered regarding personal and business assets and how to protect against debt insolvency issues.
  • Business Consultation: Call and speak with someone for advice at any time.
  • Business Plan (advanced): Refer to the best source for high level business planning.
  • Business Plan (limited): Good for SBA applications, not for running a business.
  • Business Plan (review): Review for compliance for SBA and bank requirements.
  • Credit Counseling: Clients who enter with specific credit issues may have them resolved during our service.
  • Educational Documents: We provide a multitude of educational documents to our clients.
  • Entity Formation Services: Incorporation, DBA’s, Partnerships.
  • Entity Review: We review the existing corporate entity for problems that could interfere with lending acquisition, and advise you on how to resolve issues.
  • Finance Consulting: We provide educational documents and spreadsheets for helping our clients manage their financing which we establish for them.
  • Funding Liquidation: We help clients liquidate funds from corporate credit accounts.
  • Guarantor Formation: Provide legal documents to help share the risk associated with debts between guarantors and partners, as well as legal advice to guarantors regarding their roles and responsibilities.
  • Legal Risk Analysis: Review business procedures and potential issues from a legal perspective to determine long-term model feasibility.
  • Legal Structure Analysis: Reviews and advises on legal structure of existing and future entity.
  • P&L Modeling: Revenue P&L’s for cash flow analysis.
  • Payment Strategy: We provide input on ways to make payments to maximize payoff and minimize the expense of these types of funds.
  • Sales Projections: We enable clients to create realistic industry based sales projections for their businesses.
  • Vendor Credit: We can help clients establish vendor credit, which provides them funding from a large variety of business relevant to their business.