Practical Funding Solutions has some of the best rates and terms for Real Estate Investors that are active in the “Buy & Flip / Buy & Hold” industry.


Commercial Investment Funding Requirements, Terms and Rates:

Commercial Project Requirements:

  1. Executive Summary
  2. Purchase Agreement from Seller
  3. Minimum 20% Down Payment
  4. Last 2 years of Business / Personal Tax Statements
  5. Last 2 years of Income / Expense Reports
  6. Last 2 years of Rent Rolls
  7. Identification of Seller / Buyer
  8. Images of Property
  9. Business Entity Identification -which will include LLC. / Corporate Charter or Articles of Incorporation/ By-laws and Operating Agreement. (We also accept C Corporation Business Entities)
  10. Additional documentation may be required at the request of our lending partners for underwriting purposes.

Each deal is case-by-case basis, however P.F.S. Lenders will only issue Loan To Value (LTV) of 65-80% . Investor will need to provide 20-35% in cash or equity. Investor will also be responsible for origination points, closing costs and fees.

For investors that are interested in up to 100% financing, Practical Funding Solutions will allow investors to cross collateralize existing R.E.O. Property. Properties must be “free & clear”, non owner occupancy & free of tax liens.


Terms / Rates / Closing Costs:

3-5 points origination fee / standard closing costs /fees


Commercial  A.R.V. Rates and Terms:

65-70% A.R.V. / Minimum 20% down / origination points dependent on credit review / 10-12% interest 12-24 months. Requirements same as L.T.V. program


Practical Funding Solutions has been labeled as “The Leader in Business to Business Capital Lending”.  A look at our rates and terms and you will know why…

R.E.O. cross collateralization for up to 100% financing also applies on commercial projects.


Long Term Commercial Lending  / Rates / Terms:

65 to 85% of L.T.V. or Purchase Price (whichever is lower)

Preferred rates start at 4.25% amortized for a term of 25 years

Rate fixed at 5 years with 3 year prepayment penalty

Existing R.E.O (free & clear) will be considered for cross collateralization for possible 100% financing

3-4 origination points / standard closing costs and fees at closing


With all secured loan programs, Practical Funding Solutions will require our standard document preparation and processing deposit of 250.00. This deposit will be necessary to secure our position with the client and our assigned lender during processing and will be refunded to the client at the closing of the loan. Click the button below to begin our services. Thank you.