Private & Public Investors

Private Investors

If you’re struggling with obtaining startup or expansion capital up to $5 million, working with private investors allow you to acquire funding cost effectively with a customized funding strategy, expert legal and corporate advice, rewarding local business network and much more.

Some of the benefits of working with private investors include support and belief in what you’re doing, expert advice at your disposal, start-up funding, potential to get up to $5 million, and full compliance with no legal issues.

Public Investors

Will you need more that $5 million to take your business to the next level? The stock market is the best way to build huge momentum behind your business and achieve everything possible. Issuing an IPO is one option – but there are cheaper, faster, and easier ways to enter the public
markets. Let Practical Funding Solutions help you!

We can create the structure needed to raise funds from investors to launch your business and
achieve rapid success!